Learning and Development Programs

These training programs are not covered by DBM Circular 563, item 2.2 for government agencies.

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Strategic and Critical Thinking

Strategic Decision Making

Managerial Leadership

Driving Execution

Thinking Out of the Box: Embracing Innovative Leadership

Essentials of Managing Change and Employee Transition

If you want to run these programs exclusively for your organization and for other customized in-house courses:

Why Choose HURIS?


HURIS, Inc. enables the business transformation of its clients through advanced methodologies.


HURIS, Inc. provides expert, comprehensive, and value-driven business solutions and services, focusing on human resource business processes, ranging from the set-up of organizations to post-employment management.


HURIS, Inc. designs and conducts learning and development programs that address the needs of corporate leaders and future leaders of those clients so that they reach their organizational goals and optimum efficiency.